What is User Experience?

This week Jose and Julie help us all figure out What exactly is user experience and how do you build brand loyalty through user experience. Special guest JP Bedoya, Sr Director of Product and user Experience joins us to talk about his experience at CitySearch and Yahoo.

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  • Great show again! I appreciate the insights into usability and user experience, and the importance of building profiles and doing testing.

    Last time you joked about ADD and this time at 26:55 you joked about Asperger’s. Please be more careful and do not single out or joke about people with mental health challenges to make your point.

    Look forward to next week’s show – my Q: What are some good, cheap/free project management resources for small teams (a few ppl) with small to medium projects?

  • Kulpreetsinghdotcom, thank you.
    For full disclosure I am diagnosed with ADD. So my humor is in love.


  • Thank you providing the context. I think it’s still good to be careful around this, but everyone has their own perspective and rightfully so. 🙂

  • Thank you for the show. I’m a developer and designer self taught in both areas. I’ve had IT professionals telling my that it was impossible for a designer and developer to be the same person even after I’ve given them a tutorial on the finer points of some technical issue. One thing that was repeated on this episode is that ‘we are not the user’. This goes against the developer in my which screams how can I design it if I don’t use it?

  • WitherandFronst. Thank you for watching. To answer your question. My experience is that “Good Development Practices” and “Good User Experience” fundamentals are “Price of Entry”. Meaning that as a developer and designer (Its fine to be both) to play in the major leagues you gotta have that down. – Once you get that out of the way I found that the more I know what the user really needs and then meeting those needs gives me better business results. This often requires time and trial and error.

  • How is te find the perfect team to start agency from freelacer position. I am graphic web designer portfolio under idea-lab.lv

  • @janisliepins I started The Groop in 2001 as a “collective” that is why it’s called “The Groop”. I positioned our selves as a group of top consultants in strategy, design and tech. The key for me was my experience at an agency in our process, how we presented ourselves. We found our team based on the people we worked with at the agency before. Hang out with your “competitors” – other freelancers. They might be your team.