What Makes Good Web Design?

Christopher Merrill discussing what makes for good web design
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  • @llirrem222 , where’s your web stuff, online? Your online resume says you are an actor, no mention of web.

  • @anym8

    I’m having trouble responding to you — You tube doesn’t let me give you the link.

    You can google:

    Christopher Merrill and find Christopher Merrill Web Design.

  • @llirrem222

    christophermerrill . com

    is my web design portfolio.

  • @llirrem222
    I checked it out. Do you use a WYSIWYG to design the sites or do you hand code and then tweak with a program, or both? I went to a few of the client sites, a few took a while to load and the code could be cleaned up a bit, maybe with CSS? That’s just my opinion, especially since you’ve put together a convincing video about web design, I had to see if your work matched your video.

  • I use Dreamweaver and hand code.

    Some of the web sites that you see on my site are very old (1999-up) and some are newer. Most of my clients can’t afford 7-10K for a first web site — so many of these were created on very small budgets, and so, shortcuts, and many compromises had to be made.

    Also, many of these were created on strict deadlines, so the quickest method was chosen to meet the deadline.

    Virtually none of my clients is willing to pay for regular updates & code ages quickly.

  • Great video – very simple, solid ideas – thanks

  • @mcquain2 Thanks so much — glad you found this to be helpful.

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  • @07817457749 Looks good. My portfolio is at:



    You can contact me there for my email, etc.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • thanks for this info!

  • @tutayx My pleasure!

  • Nice Video, and some of the points are what I have been telling clients for years.

  • @websitedesigningplus Good to hear – thanks!

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  • I agree thanks you – Images are a KEY

  • I agree thanks you – My mind – Wow the average life span of a site if two weeks – WOW – Update – Great video man

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  • @BrianEZimmermanCom Glad to be of help!

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  • Thanks man, now teach me how not to procrastinate lol.

  • @MTHKITEBOARDS Ah, that’s always a problem! lol