Where is the best free tutorial for HTML?

Question by : Where is the best free tutorial for HTML?
I know a few programming languages and would like to learn HTML to increase my knowledge of web design. Could somebody point me to the best free HTML tutorial. (Something besides just viewing a pages source, which I’ve learned is a good tool too).
I know there are dozens of sites out there that do hmtl and other programming language tutorials. I want to know something that someone thinks is the BEST at this. What sites worked for you?

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Answer by Ben
Use www.w3schools.com.

I’ve learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP from there.
Very descriptive, easy to read and pickup.

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  • Good web pages aren’t only HTML any more.
    To make learning web design worth your effort,you should learn prat least know how to use Javascript, CSS, Ruby, Rails, HTML5, and overall web design principles.

    Of course, you can do all of this a bit at a time.

    Get some books from your local public library and dig through them to get an idea of what you will need to learn.

    Start a blog or two or three. Look at the source code for them. Change it. see what happens.