Who Actually Is An Internet Marketer..?

Who Actually Is An Internet Marketer..?

Article by Fadzil

Many people think that earning money through the Internet is easy. Let me tell you the truth here now. It can be easy. You must be wondering – but how? Well, through FreeSchool. FreeSchool was established to educate you on how to become a successful Internet marketer, someone who is able to generate income through the Internet through valid way and means and without violating any laws.

A study shows that nearly 99 percent of people who are in the internet business have ultimately either lost or have faced little return of capital or negligible profit only. What I mean is that 99 percent of people who try to earn extra income through the Internet have failed.

The Internet business is something that sound great with networking systems and little investment with the added advantage of not having to leave home to develop the online business. Only 1 percent of such entrepreneurs have tasted success and enjoyed lucrative returns. These are usually called Internet marketers (IM).

But almost 100 percent people who already have a physical business with products would have an advantage if they have a website. For example, let’s say you have a soya sauce business or sell cars, or even insurance, and have a website that describes all your products. You undoubtedly have many advantages from the dealer who does not have a website. This is not classified as being an internet marketer. These are offline business persons, not online. To me, these are those very people who need to have their own website.

For the goal of Internet marketers is to get huge profits with very little capital while sitting at home. I would not call it a business for me, but this is one branch of knowledge that I would call even higher than a PhD holder or even a doctor. Wondering why? Well, why not? Most people who have a degree, or are doctors, lawyers, lecturers, whatever, all of them still need to get up early and go to work. However high the post is, there still is a boss. These high risers still have to go to work to get money. There are no courses on internet marketers in the universities. If the lecturers would know how to earn income without leaving their house, they would also want to go for it. Being an Internet Marketer is a profession. One of the fields of “employment” for the selected one. People with strong interest, drive, and high desire.

But you must know that it is not easy, it is far more difficult than being a doctor or professor. And that is why only 1 percent has reached to the top.

Here is what you must have to meet the level of Internet marketers.

• Ability to create your own website.• Knowing the concept of a website to attract high traffic. • Know how to use the web. Google, Facebook, yahoo, Wikipedia, Windowlife, Twitter, and the like, all of these are free and useful websites, but to have a free Gmail account, even you have to register all your information in the web form. It is “free,” but you pay “your data.”• You must know to make your website in the Viral form where a member or subscriber could help in promoting your website, then it could be on autopilot.• Learn how to use an email campaign. If you register on Facebook, twitter, or myspace, after you register, they would tell you to check your email to activate the link that they provide you with. That is the work of an auto-responder. Afterwards, you will get several other e-mails, and then it becomes an email campaign.• How to interact with customers. You would need to be a prudent and careful about what you say in the mail. Otherwise, your email campaign or speech will really scare the clients away.

That was a big part of the syllabus of studies for an Internet Marketer. There is no university in the world who would teach all this. All of this has evolved from your own learning.

Examples of successful Internet marketers are entrepreneurs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They created the Google website while they were still studying at Stanford University in 1998. The value of Internet marketing websites and their business in 2004 reached USD 23 billion.

Another shining example is the case of Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues Eduardo Severin, Dustin Markowitz, and Chris Hughes, all students of the subject computer science at the Harvard university developed a website called Facebook in 2005.

When the website conquered the world in March 2008, someone offered USD750 million to buy Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg did not sell it. Yahoo, in Sept 2006, offered USD1 billion to attain it, yet Zuckerberg still did not sell. In Sept 2007, Microsoft offered Facebook USD500 million and 5% of the company’s profits, but it was no go.

In November 2007, the Hong Kong investors put in a total of USD80 billion in Facebook. Recently, Facebook worked together with the founder of Gmail and former google engineer, Paul Buckhead. Now, the value of Facebook website is sky high.

This is a solid example of successful Internet marketers in the history of Internet. And that is that 1% of the people I mentioned in the beginning.

How to be a real internet marketer is simple, but not easy. There is no need to invest heavily because the only capital needed is time to learn and the right teacher.

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