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Source Code: www.geekylemon.com Heyguys in this tutorial i will be showing you how to make a basic calculator this is a full feature app and can be submitted to the app store once you have created it i hope this help you out in your projects and if there anyway you think i can improve my tutorials or want to request one just tell me via comment or pm and subscribe please leave feedback on how i can improve my tutorials for everyone and suggest what tutorials i can do next for you 🙂 make sure to subscribe Twitter @GeekyLemon twitter.com Facebook Geeky Lemon Development tinyurl.com App store itunes.com

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  • he does explain :)

  • Loads perfectly but I do not get input on the screen (e.g. I press 9+9=, the 0 remains there)

  • Worked great!

  • This is a great tutorial, but i have a few errors that i don’t know how to fix..

    The line at 5.20, says ‘redefinition of ‘- [CalculatorViewController buttonOperationPressed:] ‘
    The line at 8.10-8.20, the error is ‘NSStringWithFormat is ‘undeclared’ what does this mean?

    Thanks for any help mate 🙂

  • Instead of repeating what you write you should explain the concepts and relationships between the objects in the project. Thanks

  • Niece won. I messed about with 3. about a 2 yr ago. just downloaded xcode and had my device connected. provisioning etc carried out auto. A very clear and basic tutorial that gives a leg up to guys at the base. Thank you. .

  • hey
    from romaia how download xcode site me not work
    thank you

  • Nice video… using the ‘tag’ method when provisioning buttons as you did in this video, how would one hide or make them visible again?


  • how do you add one text field to another

  • Can you make a tutorial with some thing else WIFI

  • sorry i mean with wifi that else is not good

  • How do you remove the .00000 ? please help

  • @educastarin All you have to do is on your “.m” file, you go to where you wrote ‘ @”%2f” ‘ You re write ‘ @”%2.f” ‘ on both places you putted that code.

  • How do I add a decimal to the pad?

  • when i put more than 8 numbers on the calculator, if i put forexample 8 “2”‘s then the 9th 2 changes to a complete different number :/ HELP? please

  • @TechGeek141 instead of typing @”%2f” you need to type @”%2.0f” ,that will remove all decimals. if you want your number to look like “1.0” just type @”%2.1f”, etc.

  • the only thing i can think of is that float has limited number range. try with “double” (it worked for me). float is usually 32bits long while double is 64bits long.

  • for all that are wondering about removing the zeros, but keeping decimals if they occur:
    use %g instead of %2f. This will round the number to the last number in the string.

  • great!!!

  • its such a shame you can’t just code all this in C++ or C and then use the cocoa framework to implement it, Objective C’s syntax is really painful and confusing does anyone know of an alternative way around this ???

  • How do I add a decimal point. GeekyLemon only showed how to put the digits anf all but can you show us how to put a decimal point so it can show up in the Calculator Screen please?.

  • Great tutorial…thank you

  • decimal?

  • Schaut auf meinem Kanal vorbei für deutsche Tutorials ! 🙂